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Issued 21/03/11
Updated   25/10/11

Sabina Corporation Limited
ABN 67 010 723 181
Registered Office
C/- PKF Offices, Level 5, RSL Centre, 9 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise, Qld 4217
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I / We appoint as my / our proxy the person named below for the Annual General Meeting of Sabina Corporation Limited A.C.N. 010 723 181 to be held at Brisbane Polo Club, Corner Eagle & Felix Streets, Waterfront Place, Brisbane, Qld 4000 Australia at 11.30 am Friday 25th November 2011.

APPOINTMENT OF PROXY                                                          Box A [   ]

I / We appoint ___________________________________________________________

as my / our proxy or failing him / her, the Chair to exercise my / our vote for me / us on my / our behalf.


APPOINTMENT OF CHAIR                                                          Box B [   ]

I / We appoint the Chairman to exercise all of my / our votes for me / us on my / our behalf.



I / We direct my / our proxy to vote in the following manner:

No. Resolution For Against Abstain *
1 Re-election of Director (Mr. R X Yu) [   ] [   ] [   ]
2 Remuneration Report [   ] [   ] [   ]
3 Issue of Shares in satisfactionof promissory notes [   ] [   ] [   ]
4 Issue of Shares to Directors [   ] [   ] [   ]
5 Ratification of past Issue of Shares [   ] [   ] [   ]
6 Issue of New Shares [   ] [   ] [   ]
7 Issue of Convertible Notes [   ] [   ] [   ]

*If you mark the Abstain box for a particular item, you are directing your proxy NOT to vote on your behalf on a show of hands or on a poll and your votes will not be counted in computing the required majority on a poll.


_________________________________       _____________________________

  Name of Shareholder (Please Print)                       Shareholder to Sign



In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 14.2.3, the Chair declares his intention in relation to undirected proxies that he will vote in favour of all resolutions.


Box C [  ]

If the Chair of the meeting is appointed as your proxy, or may be appointed by default and you do not wish to direct your proxy how to vote in respect of a resolution, please place a mark in the bracket.

By marking this bracket, you are directing the Chair of the meeting to vote in accordance with his stated voting intentions and acknowledge that the Chair of the meeting may exercise your proxy even if he has an interest in the outcome of the resolutions and that votes cast by the Chair of the meeting for those resolutions other than as proxy holder will be disregarded because of that interest.

If you do not mark the bracket and you have not directed your proxy how to vote, the Chair will not cast your votes on the resolution and your vote will not be counted in calculating the required majority if a poll is called on the resolution.

Please return this Proxy Form by mail to the address shown above or Fax to: (07) 5544 6628, not less than 48 hours before the time of the Annual General Meeting.

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