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Issued 21/03/11
Updated   04/05/11
We welcome real estate developers in China to contact GMG China should they have any prime real estate properties available for sale, co-ownership, or joint venture. We have major foreign investors interested in securing first class investments in the Peoples Republic of China. Initially, preference will be given to commercial shopping centers, hotels, and office buildings located in Beijing and Shanghai. However, other categories and locations will also be considered.
如果中国的房地产开发商有一流的房地产想出售、共享或合资开发,请与GMG CHINA联系。我们有大国际投资商对投资中国一流的项目感兴趣。当然,他们会优先考虑在北京或上海的商贸中心,宾馆和写字楼。然而,位于其他地区的其他类别的建筑项目也在考虑之列。
We also welcome Chinese companies to contact GMG China should they be interested in diversifying their operations into United States and / or Australia. This can be in the form of buying a good property investment at a good price, establish a joint venture with a reputable local company, or setting up a foreign branch operation. We can provide general liaison assistance with visa / immigration matters as well as helping you to meet appropriate licensed advisors who will assist you to fully comply with the local authority requirements such as foreign investment guidelines and corporate regulatory compliance.
如果中国公司想在美国或澳大利亚拓展市场,也请与GMG CHINA联系。投资形式可以是以优惠的价格购买良好的投资房产,与具有良好信誉的当地公司建立合资企业,或在国外设立分支机构等。我们可协助联络办理签证和移民的有关事宜。同时,我们也将向您引见一些合格的顾问。这些顾问将能帮助您完全达到当地关于外商投资和公司管理的具体要求.
We are well experienced and familiar with the functions of other professions in the fields of law, accounting, taxation, valuation, architecture, cost estimating, town planning, engineering, and surveying. We can help you to find the right advisors who can help you to be successful with your foreign interest.
Sabina is also interested in talking to persons from China and other Asian countries who are interested in seeking to migrate to Australia under various immigration categories; in particular under the Business Skills Entry or Employer Sponsored Migration. Sabina has a number of unique business opportunities for migrants who can qualify under these categories to participate with us in our development projects. Business opportunities such as themed restaurants, motels, tourist attractions, wellness center, herbal medicine shop, etc… are available and you can discuss these opportunities in Mandarin or English by contacting Mr. Roger Yu on  0411 967 836 or email:
赛宾纳股份有限公司愿意和来自中国和亚洲其他国家的人讨论如何以不同移民类别移民澳洲的有关事宜,特别是商业移民或雇主提名移民。赛宾纳股份有 限公司有许多商业机会能让符合移民条件的投资商参与公司的开发项目。商业机会包括:餐馆、汽车旅馆、旅游区、健美中心、药店等的开发和建设。详情请与 roger Yu(余先生)联系(中文或英文)。电话: (61)0411 967 836
Also you may contact direct:
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