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Issued 21/03/11
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Peter Chen & Partners Pty Ltd was established in Brisbane in 1978 as a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm by Mr. P B Chen. Over the years he has helped numerous clients in property matters such as land acquisition, development concept, project funding, ownership structure, and marketing.

During his consulting career, Mr. Chen also held various honorary positions including: Vice-President of the Housing Industry Association in Queensland, Member of the Council of Queensland University of Technology, President of The Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce – Gold Coast, and Board Member of the Valuers' Registration Board of Queensland.

Mr. Chen is renowned for his visionary and innovative development concepts and some of the exciting and unique projects that he has been credited with are:

  • Tianjin Financial Centre – China
  • Three Gorges Theme Park - China
  • China World Cultural Theme Park – Queensland
  • Fisherman's Wharf - Tasmania
  • Lighthouse Club Hotel – Tasmania

His international reputation has resulted in him establishing close working relationships with famous American conceptualist Mr. Ron Miziker of Burbank (one of America's foremost showmen and a preeminent force in creating major world spectaculars for mass audience), Mr. Alessandro Baccari of San Francisco (Executive Secretary of the famous San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Merchants Association), and Mr. Ken Miller in New York (President of Global Marketing Group Inc.).

In March 2003, it was announced to the ASX that a new consultancy division known as "G8 Consultants" has been established on a 50/50 basis between Sabina Corporation Limited and Mr. Chen's private company, G8 Management Pty Ltd so as to allow Sabina to participate in the consultancy work in relation to property development projects. The new entity would take over the consulting practice of Peter Chen & Partners Pty Ltd; the latter was subsequently deregistered on 23rd May 2004.

In May 2005, G8 Consultants was invited by Global Marketing Group Inc. in New York to form "GMG China" to provide property advisory services to assist foreign fund managers in the acquisition of major real estate investments in China.

As Project Director, G8 Consultants are also responsible for the management of the development projects for Tasmania Development Corporation Pty Ltd on a fee formula pegged to the successful completion of the projects. G8 Consultants have recently added quantity surveying services to their range of property development expertise i.e. from land acquisition & project management to marketing & sales.

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